About Us

There are various sources of information in advertisement of different products. However, quite often their imagery is not photographed specifically for the product that is being promoted. Most buyers find it is easier to acquire an appropriate, pre-made photo image and adjust it for their advertisements. This is when licensed pictures are used as they are easy to adjust for individual advertising.

IPHOTOCART offers high quality images for various purposes. With over 10 years of experience in this field, and an extensive array of expertise, we are able to achieve high quality results. We offer a boastful archive of various photo materials and an adequate demand for it amongst customers. IPHOTOCART photo database has a very wide and varied archive: people, objects, images of various ceremonies and life events, buildings, animals etc. The main intention for our photography is advertising so we usually work with many companies. We photograph furniture, jewelry, clothing, accessories, food and everything else. A considerable amount of attention is given to the private sector as well. Personal photographs of people are a large part of it. They usually are business people from various spheres and also simple people in their daily routines. Such photographs have varied genres and all of their copyrights are strictly governed by contracts.

IPHOTOCART is able to photograph anything due to their strong material basis. That is why our pictures consist of not only people and their main events in life, but also objects, transportation, houses, interior, and animals. IPHOTOCART uploaded their first photographs for sale in 2012. Company’s activity requires participation of professional photographers, graphics designers, assistants, stylists, make-up artists, decorators and other professionals. Long-term experience allows it to carry out all the necessary tasks professionally- from photographing to providing high quality material.

IPHOTOCART offers an opportunity for other photographers and graphics designers to sell their pictures and illustrations- vector graphics through our website.
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IPHOTOCART is hoping that our database will provide you with everything you need to achieve your desired results.