Beauty – an eternity, which lasts for a moment, - once said Albert Camus, one of the most remarkable French writers of the 20th century. The photographers could state, that beauty is a moment which can last for all the eternity. It exists always and everywhere around, in nature, in faces or relationships. Beauty is everywhere and all we need to do is to notice that beauty, understand it and grope it with the eyes or heart.
Beauty – the endless aesthetics and aspiration. It has always been a part of our life. We all seek for it, but understand it differently. Life would be dull without beauty. Beauty – the inexhaustible water drop, necessary for life and love. This sensitive concept is well used by the creators of beauty, who feel it the most, while creating their works, and vice versa, the beauty always inspire them to create. This gives a rise to the beautiful world – for the surrounding environment, clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, perfumery, and other necessary things for living.
Beauty photography is much more than a beautiful hairdo, model or make-up. It is related closely with the beauty, which is always so difficult to define.
In the Beauty category Iphotocart you may find many pictures, related with the beauty of a woman, its nurturance and care. Most of these pictures are made by the professional photographers in the photo studios. The especial attention is paid to the care of the woman‘s skin, nails and hair nurturance, the improvement of body lines and spa procedures. As well, you will find pictures with especially extravagant make-ups and hairstyles. Most of the pictures are fully managed, retouched and ready for use. You can buy these pictures and obtain the right to use them in different illustrations, web space, print advertisements, photomontages and etc.

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