Food And Drink

Food is an integral part of our life just like sleep or rest. We attempt to control many things in our life. Although few of us have wondered, what the proper nutrition is, what its essence and meaning are. The proper nutrition can not only save us from many diseases, but as well to help to cure them. Thus, the food must be quality and varied.
Undoubtedly, food must be not only delicious, but as well, good-looking, i.e. beautifully provided and presented in the pleasant environment. The thoughtfully equipped interior, appropriate vessels and quality service are essential for a good presentation of food. Therefore, what concerns the proper food, the production and presentation is one of the most relevant spheres.
We are not satisfied by the conventional, monotonous and usual food. We attempt to learn new cooking methods, secrets and components from the other countries while travelling and following the cuisine knowledge on internet, literature or on TV shows. The food aesthetics is essential here, we even say “eating with eyes“.
Drinks are important as well. We drink something for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Actually, we drink more often than we eat. Therefore, the sphere of drinks is not less important than food. The popular coffee and tea compete with soft drinks, cocktails and mineralised drinks. The production and consumer culture of alcoholic drinks has very deep traditions.
The public catering area is very difficult, but as well interesting. To find your consumer, to tame him/her and retain at high competition is really tough. People strive for new things and for especial tastes. However, it shall not be forgotten that food cannot be separated from the communication and knowledge of cultures - this brings people enjoying the food together.
The importance of the food presentation is reflected in photography. In the food & drink category in Iphotocart you will find many pictures, related with varied food products, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and other dishes. These products contain everyday products, fast food and especially gourmet dishes and drinks. These pictures can decorate your menu or illustrate your internet pages, advertising or press projects and even your interior.

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