Other stuff

We are surrounded by various things. Every item is created to serve its purpose, to serve people. There are the things of necessity, of luxury and others. Although there are some things with no practical purpose – works of art like pictures, books, sculptures and so on.
Next to the many things of the main purpose we daily use the other less important things and objects. We rather often do not notice and do not pay attention to them, but we could not live without them. For example, all people, wherever they work or live, cannot do without a chair, a table, as well without the other simple household things. You need a cover to cover jars or the bottle opener to open the bottle, you cannot open it so easily only using fingers. Here we notice the necessity of small and minor things, which might sometimes look invisible, but which are necessary.
All the things produced, for one or another purpose, the first necessity or not, are imposed to people and in order the product reaches the customer, the successful its realization is necessary. Here the advertising plays its role. It is the most effective way to introduce the society with the variety of items, new things and their peculiarities. Thus, advertising is both constant and mutual relationship between the producers and customers.
In the Iphotocart Other Stuff category you will find various pictures, which could not go to the other categories. These include various items, household items, minor objects, which usually surround people in the everyday environment or in special situations. The images include the studio pictures of various items and pictures taken in the natural environment. You are allowed to use such pictures for advertising, internet or press projects.

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